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Property owners reminded to report foreign residents

Posted by osjahrealty on July 22, 2019
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Interior Minister Sar Kheng has reminded all property owners in the country that they must provide details of foreigners staying at their residences in order to strengthen immigration law enforcement.

In a statement on Friday, Mr Kheng noted that since the ministry issued the directive in 2010, most property owners have complied but there are some who are either ignorant of the law or choose not to follow it.

“Strengthening immigration law enforcement and improving the registration of foreigners residing in the country is necessary to ensure security, public order and social safety,” the statement said.

The statement provided a list of requirements, including the need for all property owners to report foreigners staying at their premises to commune police posts in their location within 24 hours.

It also said that property owners who are foreigners must include their own details when reporting those staying at their premises.

The statement added that the General Department of Immigration must disseminate the directive on foreign residents to all property owners and relevant authorities throughout the Kingdom.

Sok Phal, an Interior Ministry secretary of state, yesterday said Mr Kheng issued the reminder so that it will be strictly followed by all property owners.

He said that following the statement, General Immigration Department officials have started tasking provincial authorities to spread the directive throughout their provinces.

“It is not difficult to do this now because we live in an age of technology and property owners can be speedily informed about the directive through the internet,” Mr Phal said.

He noted that other countries had stricter laws than Cambodia to manage foreign residents.

“So all guesthouse and hotel owners and the public, please provide information about foreigners who are staying in Cambodia to the local authority,” Mr Phal said.

Major General Chuon Narin, Preah Sihanouk provincial police chief, yesterday said that the interior minister issued the statement for the information to be disseminated throughout the country and all authorities must comply.

“We have already started disseminating the information to all property owners in the province,” he said. “Please all property owners cooperate with the local authorities and provide information about foreigners staying at your residences.”

Credit: Khmer Times

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